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You’ll Need a Growth and Transformation Mindset

Understanding Changing CMO/Marketing Leadership Priorities and Challenges

While there is no single formula for delivering growth, there is a common theme shared among successful, high-growth companies – a growth mindset…. and these companies pursue it with vigor.











Marketing Insights

Statistics influencing and translating into marketing challenges

43% of B2B marketing leaders cite the need to improve marketing ROI effectiveness

69% of board directors say that the effects of the COVID-19 accelerate their digital business initiatives

58% of marketers are failing to measure the business value that content drives 

60% of marketers point to inconsistencies with the depth and granularity of customer insights

Marketing budgets are falling from 11.0% of revenue (2020) to 6.4% (2021)

Only ~25 cents of every dollar spent on digital ads results in the placement of an ad that is seen by a real human

CMO/Marketing LT Priorities

Observed trends that drive transformation, resulting into actions

Journeys evolve – customer channel preferences persist

Execute adaptive strategies that prove marketing value

Rebuild of marketing engines for flexibility

Reassert marketing’s digital orchestrator role

Prepare for the future of hybrid marketing

Build holistic marketing measurement/change KPI’s

Deploying Compassionate Transformation

It’s never been more important to prioritize your time and energy

With ongoing uncertainty as the recovery proceeds and to build a path forward – marketing organizations need to first drive more cohesion and better alignment as part of a ‘revenue organization’. You need to re-examine current practices and “zero out” or find ways to adjust strategies and systematically define logical starting points (example below). Visit also our executive perspective online presentation here.












“The Tactics Drive the Strategy.”

Marc Benioff

Marketing Measurement Isn’t A Precise Science

Optimization of Tactical Activities Are Key Contributors


Break the CX Data Silos

There is no truth in modern customer journey management when CX data lives in silos. The 3 greatest challenges are connecting siloed data from multiple systems (65%), creating cross-channel experiences (59%), and lacking the right skill sets internally. 

Customers Leave Without a Trace

Your site tracking will not expose most of your prospect/customer research, even though it is very much happening. Prospects go to your landing pages and it looks like everybody else’s website since everybody is running the same playbook when it comes to your digital experiences. In fact, it’s worse; 64% of B2B customers can’t tell the difference between brands’ digital experiences.

Digital Media Buys

Only 51% of digital advertising spend reaches the publisher with the other half consumed by intermediaries and ‘other’ fees. Media budgets are spent in silos and leave you without a single source of truth as to how marketing spending is allocated and ROI is holistically measured.

OYO.Digital’s Step-Based Approach Design

CMOs Need to Increase Investments in Holistically Measured Attribution

Fundamental to marketing efficiency and ROI measurement is to have a 360-view across all channels. In a recent CMO Club survey, only 20% cited measuring across all channels together with structured coordination across the organization. Without holistic measurement in a hybrid marketing approach and a factual understanding of how your content marketing and CX engagement efforts impact revenue and growth, they are set to fail.

Content Marketing and CX engagement optimization start with defining starting points to understand impact, effort and dependencies, resulting in a step-based approach and logical path forward.


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“60% of marketers point to inconsistencies with the depth and granularity of customer insights, while 36% admit they don’t have the data to know their consumers, let alone anticipate needs.”

Source: CMO Council – Data-Driven Decisioning Powers CX Forward